27 09 2014

BeySashaI received this letter yesterday. It was so beautiful, I had to share. It’s a bit long, but I assure you it’s well worth the read.

Dear Sir, word on the street is you’re quite a force. I’ve read some of your work, my mind was blown and you made me beg for more. That one, you know, that special one you did for your lady made me fantasize that I was her. I read it, closed my eyes, recited it verbatim and suddenly felt your energy. I can’t explain it but I got chill bumps and felt a surge of heat between my legs at the same time. So I read a few more to get a better glimpse of your arsenal. Then I came back to reality, what am I doing, dreaming about another man? I’m happily MARRIED, not to mention my guy also writes!

Sir, please keep reading, I’m not a delusional, emotional wreck. I’m not insecure, feeble, neglected, attention-starved or abused. I’m very confident, positive, productive, independent and a diverse woman. I’m at the top of my game and ironically we have something in common. We’re both survivors! I read your book, did my research and checked your background. You’ve been thru an assortment of pitfalls. You could have died three times. WOW! Are you an angel; I can almost see a halo! As bad as I want you, I’m terrified of being in your presence. I hear your touch sends volts through women’s bodies and frankly, I don’t want to ignite. I imagine your lips, which remind me of my hubbie’s. But yours are tailor-made to send me to another galaxy! My granny used to call them soup-coolers but I call them “BLESSED” cause when I see them all I can say is “Jesus, JESUS, JEE-SUS!” Sorry, I shouldn’t have revealed that, I ‘m happily… well I guess, I’m NOT, happily … married!

I hear Luther saying “If Only for One Night!” Sir, I won’t leave my hubby. He’s successful, popular, takes care of home, he’s intelligent, creative and treats me like a Goddess! He’s a former street guy but I’ve refined him. I’m not naïve, so I know that at times he… well he gives in to temptation. Women throw their undies at him as soon as I turn my back. He’s always in the media, he’s stalked, his team is disloyal, his own bodyguard tried to make up a story to discredit him, so I would give him a chance. As if that foolishness would work… You know Breezie’s song “These Women Aint Loyal.” Well I’m hear to say neither are the men in the industry. I’m tired of it D, the cameras, the lies, the phony people, the games… It’s just not worth it. Let me sit back in the shadows and write… Just like you do.

I guess what I’m saying is my guy doesn’t light my fire & he doesn’t realize that I can’t be bought. He can have it all, even the 3-carat diamonds. That materialism doesn’t mean a thing to me if he can’t bring me to an occasional explosion or culmination! His idea of foreplay is putting on an R. Kelly cd, pouring some wine and asking me if I’m ready. I know it’s pathetic… Told you he’s a former street-guy. Damn, do you think you can teach him a trick or two. I’ll pay top dollar! SERIOUSLY, he’ll never know. I handle the bills and he simply brings home the bacon. OMG, this is getting lengthy! It was not my intention to write a novel. Let me try, and I mean try, to say this as you would… I hope you approve… I’m embarrassed but here it goes…

Mr. Christopher, please break me off, until I can’t be broken anymore
Please fulfill my needs, until my desires and imagination gets sore
Then knock the rusty hinges off my specially guarded privacy door

I want you to hit it so hard that my back becomes my front
No need for a stand-in, in this flick, I’ll do all my own stunts
Wrap me tight, light my tip & smoke me like a good kush blunt

I know your thinking “Why is she writing me and doing all this!”
Simply put, I want you and won’t stop, til I get a piece of D. CHRIS!
My body’s calling, please answer & surrender your sweetest kiss

Can you write to my soul & seduction and put me in a movie
Puncture my gentle womb, then kiss, lick and sooth… me
Treat me like trash, call me recycled and then re-use me

Can you hurt me so bad, it’s so good, I release heavenly tears
You’re the best in the pleasure game, so it plainly appears
I respectfully call u a beast, cause your weapons are FIERCE!

From the bottom of my heart, let’s go on the run…
YOUR BIGGEST and most loyal fan,





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27 09 2014
Jewel McDaniels


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14 10 2014

Reblogged this on Waltika.

15 10 2014

I’m glad that you liked my piece Sir. I would appreciate if you would tell me why you liked it and what made you share or reblog? I look forward to hearing from you.

18 10 2014

I like the poetry of the writing.

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